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Governor Jonathan Belcher (1682-1757):

Database of information and materials about, and selected proclamations of, Governor Jonathan Belcher, a dedicated Christian leader who was the royal colonial governor of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New Jersey, and the founder of Princeton University at Princeton, New Jersey

Documents and Information Concerning America's Christian Heritage:

"November Thanksgiving Thursday": Origins of Fourth Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day (includes Governor Jonathan Belcher's Proclamation for Day of Thanksgiving (1749))

Samuel Cheever, God's Sovereign Government Among the Nations Asserted (1712)

America Was Founded on God's Law and Christianity: About Puritan Founders of America (Thomas Prince, The People of New England (1730))

Thomas Foxcroft, Observations Historical and Practical on the Rise and Primitive State of New England (1730) (excerpts)

Dr. Benjamin Colman, Government the Pillar of the Earth (1730)

Dr. Benjamin Colman, A Dissertation on the Image of God, Wherein Man Was Created (1736) (PDF)

Dr. Benjamin Colman, Christ Standing for an Ensign of the People (1738)

John Barnard, The Throne Established by Righteousness (1734) (PDF)

Jonathan Edwards, A Thorough Knowledge of Divine Truth (1739) [The Great Awakening View of Enlightenment]

Jonathan Edwards' Great Awakening View of Religious Secularism, as Contrasted with Christianity

The Right Use of Reason: Jonathan Edwards' Great Awakening View, as Contrasted with Religious Secularism

A Godly Chief Justice: A Biography of John Stoddard (Jonathan Edwards, God's Awful Judgment in the Breaking and Withering of the Strong Rods of a Community (1748))

Abraham Taylor, The Insufficiency of Natural Religion (1755)

Caleb Smith, Diligence in the Work of God and Activity During Life (1758) [Biography of President Aaron Burr of Princeton College]

William Cooper, The Honors of Christ Demanded of the Magistrate (1740)

Biographies of William Cooper and His Son Samuel Cooper (includes William Cooper's Preface to Jonathan Edwards' Work The Distinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God which describes the Great Awakening)

John Webb, The Government of Christ (1738)

Samuel Willard, The Character of a Good Ruler (1694)

Samuel Cooke, The True Principles of Civil Government (1770)

Samuel Langdon, Government Corrupted by Vice (1775)

Samuel Langdon, The Republic of the Israelites an Example to the American States (1788)

John Joachim Zubly, The Law of Liberty (1775)

Samuel West, [Natural Law: The True Principles of Government] (1776)

Abraham Keteltas, God Arising and Pleading His People's Cause (1777) (PDF)

Samuel Stillman, The Duty of Magistrates (1779)

Dr. Samuel Cooper, Sermon on the Commencement of the Constitution (1780) (PDF)

Ezra Stiles, The United States Elevated to Glory and Honor (1783)

Timothy Dwight, The True Means of Establishing Public Happiness (1795)

Elias Boudinot, The Age of Revelation (1801)

Justice Joseph Story on Church and State and the Federal Bill of Rights (1833)

Justice Joseph Story on Common Law Origins of the United States Constitution (1833)

Justice Joseph Story on Rules of Constitutional Interpretation (1833)

Foreshadowing the American Revolution: Edward Holyoke States That the Form of Government Originates from the People --- But That Theory Only Works If the People Have Integrity and Religion

Jesus Is the Light of the World -- about the Great Awakening

Watchman, What of the Night? (Reflections on the Implications of the Birth of Christ for World History)

Don't Hide God in a Closet: Religious Secularism and Public Acknowledgment of God in the 21st Century

Acknowledging the Almighty

The Supremacy of God's Moral Law

A Good Ruler in the Emerging Trilateral Center -- discussion of the "good ruler" concept

The Role of Princeton College Graduates in Founding "Princeton Daughter Colleges"

Information About Vice President Aaron Burr:  His Duel with Alexander Hamilton and His Expedition to the West

Constitution, Law, and Politics in United States v. Aaron Burr

Good Cheer Chronicles -- the Belcher Foundation's on-line Christian commentaries

Historical Biographies -- historical biographies about persons who played significant roles in American or world history