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Bel - cher means "Good Cheer"!



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Dr. Fon R. Belcher, Founder and President

(Ed.D., East Tennessee State University)

Camilia Joanne Belcher, Executive Director and General Counsel

(J.D., College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia)

Bel - cher means "Good Cheer"!

The Belcher Foundation is a research organization focusing on public policy, church and state, education, law, history, and Christianity. In addition, it is dedicated to promoting, propagating, and maintaining the public policy ideals, educational goals, and Christian worldview of Governor Jonathan Belcher (1682-1757), Founder of Princeton University.

(For more about Governor Jonathan Belcher, see this website's pages Jonathan Belcher: Christian Governor and About Governor Jonathan Belcher.)

We welcome everyone to visit our website. We aspire to the Christian worldview and its associate concepts--a conservative public policy that adheres to God's values; educational opportunities for all so that people may learn the truth that will set us free; freedom and free enterprise so that people may select values for themselves; freedom of worship in both church and state. These values Governor Jonathan Belcher stood for during his lifetime, and now it is the responsibility of the present generation to carry them on into the future.

To further that goal, we conduct independent research on topics of interest within the research fields enumerated above, and from time to time, publish the results of our research on this website (see also Publications).

The Belcher Foundation is headquartered at Belcher, Kentucky (USA), an area founded over 200 years ago by Belcher descendants who came from Virginia.

The Belcher Coat of Arms (which is displayed on the Belcher Foundation Seal) served as a template for the Great Seal of the United States.

The name Belcher is composed of the English/French words "bel" and "cher", which means "good cheer." 

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