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The Belcher Bulletin is the online newsletter of the Belcher Foundation, featuring articles on public policy, church and state, education, law, and history.

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Programming the Judicial Machines -- Part 2:  The Cloak of Science

Christians Make the Best Judges

Moral Law in the Form of Equity

Constitution, Law, and Politics in United States v. Aaron Burr

Dr. Fon R. Belcher, B.S., M.A., Ed.S., Ed.D.

Programming the Judicial Machines

The Secularization of Christmas

True Heroism and the Rule of Law

Don't Hide God in a Closet: Religious Secularism and Public Acknowledgment of God in the 21st Century

Pretexts and Commandments

Prayer or Patriotism

From Nationalism to Internationalism: European Union and the Trilateral Center 

Admiral Sir Edward Belcher of the British Royal Navy

Reflections on the Ten Commandments 

Commandments, Wants, and Wishes

Good Cheer Signs for All Times

A Good Ruler in the Emerging Trilateral Center

The President's Desk

Signs of Good Cheer

"November Thanksgiving Thursday": Origins of Fourth Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day

General Douglas MacArthur and Governor Jonathan Belcher

Our Answer to Our Challenge, by Dr. Gary A. Epling

Ten Commandments Issue Unresolved

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