Information About Vice President Aaron Burr:

His Duel with Alexander Hamilton and His Expedition to the West

    A witness (a boatman), who saw the duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton, told Burr's adopted son that "[...] Hamilton took as good aim as any man ever did, for his pistol ball cut a twig not two feet above his antagonist's head."  (Charles Burr Todd, A General History of the Burr Family, 2nd ed. (New York, 1891), p. 490.)   

    With regard to his expedition to the West: Burr later told his adopted son that he wanted to add Mexico to the United States.  (This was supplemental, or additional to, Burr's plan to colonize his own Washita (Ouachita) lands--approximately four hundred thousand acres that he had purchased from Col. Lynch.  The adopted son (who went by the name "Aaron C. Burr") said that former Vice President (Colonel) Aaron Burr told him the following statement about himself and his fellow adventurers: "'[...] Our idea was to take possession of Mexico and after a time annex it to the United States; this is what poor Blennerhasset died for.'"   (Personal Recollections of Col. Aaron Burr, in Todd, p. 490.]

    The summary of Vice President Aaron Burr's Farewell Address to the United States Senate is in Annals of Congress, Senate, 8th Congress, 2nd Session, pp. 71-72 (March 2, 1805).

    Burr's speech revealed his Christian attitude of forgiveness, his desire for impartiality in matters of justice, and his patriotic concern for the welfare of the United States Constitution.

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