Ministers' Address to Governor Jonathan Belcher

BOSTON, AUGUST 12. This Day the Reverend associated PASTORS, waited on His Excellency the Governour, and Mr. COLMAN being the Senior Minister, made the following ADDRESS to Him in their Name.


"With Hearts full of Joy, and sincere Thankfulness to GOD, we Congratulate your Excellency’s Return to Your Country, and Your Advancement to the Government of it. The KING could not have chosen any One of its SONS more worthy to represent His Royal Person, nor more accepted of the Multitude of Your Brethren."

"When we first heard of his MAJESTY’s Grace and Favour to Us, in Naming Your EXCELLENCY our Governour, we were like Men that Dream: The CLOUD that hung over us scattered in a moment, as the SUN breaks out in a dark Day, so was the Face of GOD, and the Light of the KING’s Countenance upon Us. We render back to the THRONE our dutiful and fervent Prayers, for His Majesty’s long Life, and happy Reign over Us."

"According to the good Hand of our GOD upon YOUR EXCELLENCY, so has the KING granted to You both now and heretofore; GOD help’d you then to do us singular Benefits, and now He has rewarded You in an extraordinary manner. We adore the WISE PROVIDENCE that has led in every step to so great an Event, and to GOD be all the Glory."

"We believe, SIR, That You are come full of Benevolence to Your Country, to our Churches and to the [Harvard] College; and will always have the most tender sollicitude for their Welfare and Prosperity. And we bow our knees with You to the GOD of all Wisdom and Grace, for all those Supplies of both, which You will continuously need in the Administration of the Government."

His EXCELLENCY was pleased to take kindly this dutiful and affectionate Address, and to make the following Answer.


I am Extremely pleased with the Respect & Duty you Express to his Majesty, and am Oblig’d for the Honour you do Me. I do assure you it has not been from any self interested Views, That I have sought His Majesty’s Favour in the Station he has been pleas’d to place Me; but from a Hope of Advancing His Majesty’s Service, and the Interest and Prosperity of this Country. The COLLEGE and CHURCHES always were and are very dear to Me, and you may assure Your Selves Nothing will be wanting in Me to promote their [good] Weal and Prosperity. And I desire You to join Your Prayers to Mine, That GOD wou’d give me an Understanding Heart to discern between good and bad; That I may at all times go out and come in before this People to the Honour of GOD, to the good of this Country, and to the Applause of my own Conscience.

— (From: The New-England Weekly Journal, No. 178, Monday, August 17, 1730.)

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