Jesse A. Belcher:

They Called Him "The Fox"

    The clanking noise could be heard through the great swirl of dust as the tanks moved forward.  One Allied soldier remarked to another, "He's out there!"  He was speaking of Rommel--the "Desert Fox".  The soldier's remark was a reflection of the effect that the German General Rommel created among the troops--the fear, and the respect.

    During the Korean conflict, there was another "Fox"--known as "The Belcher Fox".  There are those who remember how "The Belcher Fox" earned his name.  He saw the red fox in the mountain hollows of Belcher, Kentucky; he  chased the fox through the trees, and after guiding it into a small boxed-in area, he caught the red fox.  His name was Jesse A. Belcher (son of William Kerry Belcher and Josephine Bingham Belcher), and after that, people called him "The Fox".

    Like a fox, he was smart.  He could work mathematics in his head--complicated problems--and give you the answer without ever writing it down.   He was a crack shot with his rifle, and he could accurately set its sights on far-away targets that were almost invisible to most people's eyes.  Thus when "The Fox" served in the United States Army, he was a natural on the rifle range.   He could shoot straight and sure, and in the Army he won the marksman medal.   During this war, General Douglas MacArthur rallied the troops to fight for duty and country.  Jesse "Fox" Belcher was a patriotic American.  He also loved Kentucky, and he was proud of his Belcher heritage.  He was, as the Belcher motto says, "Loyal to the death".

    Jesse Belcher's grave, which is located at the place that was his home--Belcher, Kentucky--contains a fitting tribute.  On each side of the headstone is a smaller stone, and on each of these stones is inscribed: The "Fox".

Jesse A. Belcher was the son of William Kerry Belcher and Josephine Bingham Belcher.  For their story, see

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