The King Commissions Governor Jonathan Belcher


His Majesty this day was pleased to sign a Commission, appointing Jonathan Belcher Esq., to be Governour and Commander in Chief of the Province of New-Hampshire in New-England in America; and also another Commission, appointing him to be Captain General and Governour in Chief of the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New England; both which Governments became void by the Death of William Burnet, Esq.



On Saturday last his Majesty’s Commission constituting the Hon. Jonathan Belcher Esq. Governour of the Provinces of the Massachusetts Bay and New-Hampshire in New-England, passed the Great Seal; and we hear his Excellency is making all possible Dispatch to set out for his said Governments.

— (From: The New-England Weekly Journal, No. 162, April 27, 1730.)

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