Benjamin Stevens

    STEVENS (BENJAMIN, D.D.), minister of Kittery, Massachusetts, was the son of the preceding [Joseph Stevens, minister of Charlestown, Massachusetts], and was graduated at Harvard college in 1740.  His ordination took place May 1, 1751.   He died May 18, 1791, having been respected in life as an able minister of the gospel, an exemplary Christian, and a modest and humble man.  He possessed a penetrating mind and sound judgment.  While he searched the sacred scriptures for the doctrines, which he preached, he paid all suitable attention to the manner, in which he delivered them; and his discourses were well studied and well written.  He published a sermon on the death of A. Pepperell, esquire, 1752; on the death of sir William Pepperell, 1759; election sermon, 1761. --- Haven's sermon on his death.

[EDITOR'S NOTE:  Benjamin Stevens was the relative of Governor Jonathan Belcher (1682-1757), and graduated from Harvard College during Belcher's governorship of Massachusetts and New Hampshire (term of office: 1730-1741).   Governor Belcher was an Overseer of Harvard College.  Stevens, like Samuel Langdon and Samuel Adams, was of the class of 1740.  Biography of Benjamin Stevens is from: William Allen, An American Biographical and Historical Dictionary, Containing an Account of the Lives, Characters, and Writings of the Most Eminent Persons in North America from Its First Discovery to the Present Time, and a Summary of the History of the Several Colonies and of the United States (Cambridge: William Hilliard, 1809), pp. 525.

    Benjamin Stevens married Mary Remington (1718-1763), daughter of Judge Jonathan Remington (1677-1745) and Lucy Bradstreet Remington (1680-1743), who was the granddaughter of Governor Simon Bradstreet and Anne Dudley Bradstreet.  Judge Jonathan Remington was Governor Jonathan Belcher's cousin and best friend.  Judge Jonathan Remington was the son of Jonathan Remington (1639-1700) and Martha Belcher Remington (1644-1711).  Martha was the daughter of Andrew Belcher (1613-1673) and Elizabeth Danforth Belcher (1618-1680), the daughter of Nicholas Danforth.  Therefore, Martha was the sister of Captain Andrew Belcher (1648-1717), who was Governor Jonathan Belcher's father.

    Jonathan Remington and Martha Belcher Remington operated her father's business establishment, the Blue Anchor, from 1682-1700.    This Jonathan Remington was also Town Clerk.  He was Selectman from 1688-1700.]

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